City of Griffin Shoal Creek Headworks – Griffin, Georgia

  • PCG was contracted to provide design services, bid management, and construction management services for a new influent lift station with a Parshall flume incorporated for influent flow monitoring.
  • New modern headworks housing two mechanical perforated screens with a washer and compactor for the screenings, a manual screen and bypass channel, and a vortex grit separator with a grit dewatering component.
  • The existing outfall main was extended utilizing 30-inch ductile iron pipe to convey the influent flow to the new influent lift station.
  • The new headworks effluent returns to the existing aeration ponds by means of a new 18-inch gravity pipe system.
  • The lift station and headworks have electrical backup provided by a new 350 kw generator with a fuel capacity to run for 24 hours before needing to be refueled.
  • The project has two new concrete sludge drying beds that are being utilized by the City of Griffin to empty the contents of their vac truck.

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