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Paragon Consulting Group Inc. knows that there is one measure of success – affordable, practical solutions that overcome your toughest challenges.

That’s why we’ve built our company on solid pillars: honesty, integrity, service, knowledge. From our thorough analyses to sensible proposals to strong management of implemented ideas, Paragon is your advocate and partner.

At PCG, we believe that the experience of our professional engineers and consultants is a distinguishing strength we bring to each client. By involving experienced senior staff at every point of a project – from meeting with clients, to daily management of particular tasks, to preparation of final reports and plans, to sharing ideas based on our technical analyses – we continually make PCG a best-in-class company.

We have successfully served clients ranging from small town public works departments to large, for-profit corporations on diverse challenges such as preserving green spaces, controlling wastewater runoff, conducting feasibility studies, and even writing grant applications to fund projects. Our experience means our team of experts excels in staying on budget while meeting deadlines, all while overcoming the unexpected obstacles that can arise in any project.

So whether you need big picture thinking or attention to the smallest details, count on the team of experts at Paragon Consulting Group.

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We combine technical expertise, hands-on experience, relationship building, intelligent advice, strong management, and smart, innovative thinking to maximize each project’s potential – it’s known as the Paragon Advantage – and it works both to the benefit of the client and to the many communities impacted by every project’s outcome.

In short, Paragon is your partner in providing people and ideas, with the solutions that take your projects from concept to reality.

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